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Professor Teaches - How to Create WebPages and Graphics 6.0

11 ноября 2009    Категория: программы
Professor Teaches - How to Create WebPages and Graphics 6.0

С помощью данного видео курса вы научитесь создавать веб-страницы и графику для них, а так же изучите самые популярные программы, такие как: Publisher, Dreamweaver, Expression Web, Photoshop, and Flash. Это наиболее полное программное обеспечение для тех, кто хочет создавать веб-страницы и управлять веб-сайтами.

• Flash 8
• Flash MX 2004
• Dreamweaver
• Dreamweaver MX 2004
• Photoshop 7 & CS
• Photoshop CS2
• FrontPage 2002
• FrontPage 2003
• Publisher 2003
• Web Design Fundamentals
• HTML Fundamentals
• HTML Advanced


Professor Teaches How to Create Web Pages & Graphics is the most complete training program for anyone who wants to create web pages and manage web sites.

Twelve separate tutorials, on three CD-ROMs, teach you the most important aspects of web technology, HTML, web design, site management, as well as five of the most popular development tools: Publisher, Dreamweaver, Expression Web, Photoshop, and Flash.

Each training course offers hundreds of practical tips and techniques designed to get you up to speed on the essential skills for creating web pages.

Step-by-step, realistic simulations make learning easy!

12 Separate Courses! Over 700 Lessons!
Web Design Fundamentals
HTML Fundamentals & Advanced
Microsoft Publisher 2007
Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 & 8
Microsoft Expression Web & FrontPage
Adobe Photoshop CS3 & CS2
Adobe Flash CS3 & 8

Realistic & Interactive Training
Realistic simulations provide an accurate learning environment so your education is fast and easy. More than just videos, you actually perform the application routines during each exercise. This makes for better learning and retention. Hundreds of topics are included, from basic tasks to advanced techniques. No other training is more complete.

No Other Training is More Complete
Hundreds of Learning Topics
12 Separate Courses
5 to 10 Hours of Training per Course
Realistic Simulations
Beginner to Advanced Topics
Self-Paced Learning Objectives
Introductions & Summaries
Interactive Exercises
Professional Voice Narration
End-of-Chapter Quiz Questions
Checkmarks for Completed Topics
Glossary, Index & Search
Professor Answers

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Learn Web Design
You can learn from all 12 courses or just the ones you need. In either case, the knowledge you gain becomes an asset for life. Professor Teaches courses use real-world settings to help you apply your new knowledge directly to your daily tasks.

Get Creative & More Productive
These courses will increase your proficiency with many web tasks by guiding you through each step of the process. You will be able to create web pages, edit digital images, and create powerful presentations for your personal and professional projects.

Includes Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Topics
Chapters are organized into specific learning objectives, easily available from the main menu.

Learning objectives guide you to success.
Colorful graphics and clear instructions keep you interested.
Professional voice narration assists retention.

The Most Interactive Training Available
Self-paced, interactive lessons allow you to practice in a realistic simulation of the software.
Accurate screen presentations, menus, and buttons provide an easy transition to the real application.
Step-by-step interactive exercises help you achieve high retention rates.
Practical exercises and examples make learning easy.

Complete & Comprehensive Content
Introductions, summaries and end-of-chapter quiz questions all reinforce learning. All 12 courses use the same user interface and educational methods to ensure consistent quality throughout.

Web Design Fundamentals
Whether you are new to web design or would like to revisit the core principles and techniques, Web Design Fundamentals is a great place to start. In this course you learn everything you need to build great web pages.

HTML: Fundamentals & Advanced
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the code that runs web pages. In these two courses, you learn not only the basic elements and syntax of HTML, but several of the more complex operations as well.

Microsoft Publisher
Learn how Publisher can help you create great looking web content with the least amount of effort.

Adobe Dreamweaver
Discover how to harness the power of Dreamweaver to organize your web site, understand and apply CSS, define hyperlinks, incorporate media files, and publish your web site on the Internet.

Microsoft Expression Web & FrontPage
Learn how Expression Web and FrontPage will help you tackle anything from basic tasks like formatting text to more advanced tasks like defining page properties, setting up auto thumbnails, adding jump menus, and generating site reports.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard for bitmap graphics editing, and these two courses, Photoshop CS2 & Photoshop CS3, will teach you how to use this powerful tool to edit your image files and optimize these files for web publishing.

Adobe Flash
The two courses in this section show you how to use Flash to create a wide range of dynamic web content: stunning animations with only a few clicks of the mouse, buttons that produce sounds and perform actions, and web sites designed entirely in Flash.

Includes Just-in-Time Training
Get quick assistance with Professor Answers. Find answers to your questions faster and easier than navigating Help Systems. Powerful search and browse features help you locate the specific topic you need, right when you need it. And Professor Answers also provides mini-training sessions for quick knowledge and experience.

System Requirements
Pentium PC or Higher Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP SP2 or 2000 Double Speed CD-ROM Drive 150-250 MB Hard Drive space available per application 1024 x 768 16-Bit color display Sound card Speakers or headphones Mouse

Язык: Ангийский
Размер: 1.36 Gb




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Adobe® Fireworks® CS3 - серьезный инструмент для профессионалов Web-разработок, идеальное средство для создания и оптимизации графики для web-сайтов и приложений. Fireworks CS3 обеспечивает гибкую работу как с векторными, так и растровыми изображениями, содержит библиотеку готовых примеров и поддерживает интеграцию с dobe Photoshop® CS3, Adobe Illustrator® CS3, Adobe Dreamweaver® CS3 и Adobe Flash® CS3, позволяющую эффективно сэкономить ваше

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